Solidarity Action: Screen printing

Act.ival for Future 2022

+++ Update +++ 

The voting is closed now, we will announce the winners on sunday in the morning plenum!
Thank you for the Desings and your vote!

Printing will be possible during the BarCamp.

Call for Designs: Will you be the Designer of Act.ival's bags?

Which designs we print on the bags will be decided democratically at the Act.ival. We need your ideas now: What symbolizes solidarity for you?

You don’t have to be a designer to submit an idea. We want as many different motifs as possible, no matter what technique you use: Maybe you feel like drawing something on paper or with your tablet. Or you have a cool stencil for graffitties. Or you know a quote that has to do with solidarity and visualize it with fineliners or a design app.
If you want, you can also work with design software and create a vector graphic. Or you can edit a photo so that it only consists of black and white color.
There are (almost) no limits to your creativity. The only important thing is that your designs can be printed by screen printing. We show you how that works on this page.

How Screen Printing works

In screen printing, your design is first exposed onto a screen. This means that we make a stencil on which all the places that are black in your design will end up being permeable to color and all the places that are white will not be permeable.
So if we use black color, the design will look exactly like your template. But we might use some other colors as well, for example blue. Then all the black parts of your template will be blue.
If you want to see how the printing process works, just have a look at this short clip:

How to create your design

You can send a scan of a drawing, a simple photo or an export from your design App/Software. Two things are important:

  • Only Single Color Designs: Black and White. If you need support to convert your Motive to black and white just send it to us, we will look at it and check if we can print it.
  • No too thin lines: Screen printing is a style that keeps things rather simple: We should avoid having lines thinner than 2 millimeters because the color may soak.

If you are looking for some inspiration, you can find a lot of it by searching on platforms like Pinterest – for example here . And if you have any questions – don’t hesitate to contact us 🙂

Submit your Idea! 🎉

On Act.ival, we will decide democratically which are the best designs to be printed. Submit your idea until April the 6th to